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A person role is generally used for providing information about who maintains an object in more detail, generally needed for AS-SETs and some other objects. Thankfully it's super easy to create one! Just go here and fill out the info!

MNT-BY should already be set assuming you have a MNTer, if you don't follow this guide and make one!

Person is the name of the person or group you want to use, don't need to be too general as you either want this to be yourself or a dedicated groups contact that handles abuse or administration.

address is the address of you or your group, I highly recommend a PO box or similar mailbox obfuscation service as the RIPE database is public!

phone number should just be your or some phone number you/your group are reachable at

NIC-NDL should be AUTO-1 so it creates a valid ripe user handle for you

Once that's filled out just click submit and you have a person object now!


Once you create the object it will generate the handle code at the top in the format of person "HANDLE-CODE-HERE", which you should copy if you are making this object to use in another object like an AS-SET