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An important object in the RIPE database is the AS-SET, this is typically what upstream providers and carriers use to generate prefix lists and filters for your ASN/network. To create one you should go here and input the following information

MNT-BY which should be autofilled by default with your MNTer object assuming you have one (if you don't, go here and make one)

AS-SET should be the name of your AS-SET, which can be anything so long as it isn't in use by someone else (it will complain if it is)

tech-c and admin-c need a person role, which you can create by following this page 

If it doesn't exist, you will need to click the plus button and add the members subgroup, this is where you specify the AS-SETs and ASNs you want in your AS-SET, in the format of ASN, ASN, AS-SET

Once you do that click submit and you have a new AS-SET!

A further note is an AS-SET can contain only other AS-SETs, so you can chain down a clean structure like

  • AS-RTT - Root org AS-SET
    • AS-RTT-DS - downstreams of AS-RTT
    • AS-RTT-CORE - ASNs run by AS-RTT

Note your new AS-SET will have the as-set section editable, this is an existing object