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Another important and required role for being assigned ASNs and Internet Number resources is an organization object. (You don't have to be a company to make this) this object lists out your networks information, contact info and management. To create one, you should go here! And fill out the form

At the very top, it should ask what maintainers you would like to use as MNT-BY (This grants full control of your org, so generally this should only be the MNT you created when you followed these steps.

The next field will be organization, and it will be set to AUTO-1. There is no need to change this, it's purely the ORG-ID.

Org name is what you want your organization to be called. This should be your first and last name if you are a natural person, or your exact company name if you are a LLC/Corp etc.

org type should be set to other, and you don't need to change it.

Address is the same as what you used when you created your role/MNT pair, unless your org is different from the two, which is uncommon.

email should also be the same as your role/MNT, generally with the domain being your own, of course.

Abuse-c you likely don't have yet, so click the bell to create one while in your org creation, then enter the email you want to use for abuse contact and click submit.

Finally, MNT-REF is other organizations you want to be able to assign you resources, this would generally be your LIR but can be anyone who is willing to assign IP addresses to you.

Once you've filled out all that information, click submit on the bottom and you now have an org object!